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Stone & Finishes

Our premium materials are designed to last for years – if not decades — to come. This is why choosing the right material and finish is critical to your long-term satisfaction with the final product. Volusia Granite and Marble invites our customers to take some time to consider the final look of your countertop, vanities, fireplace, or jacuzzi. Due to natural variations in markings and color, you should always personally view a slab prior to cutting.



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Visit Us at 1115 Enterprise Court. Unit J. Holly Hill. FL


Highly durable. Attractive. Versatile. It’s no wonder why granite remains the top choice among so many homeowners for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The hardest of all natural stones, and available in a wide range of colors and patterns, granite is able to hold its beauty and luster for years and years. Granite can also get stained, which is why using a sealer is important, like with all natural stone surfaces.


For a classic, ageless look, builders have been turning to these materials for centuries. Marble can also be used to describe any stone that can take a polish (not including granite) such as travertine, onyx, serpentine, and limestone. Each type of stone has distinct veining characteristics and can be polished, giving them a unique, natural beauty. Unlike granite, these materials are softer and more porous, and require proper care. Marble is not recommended for countertops.

Quartz (Engineered Stone).

Consisting of 93% natural quartz – one of nature’s strongest elements –  and 7% resin. This material requires little maintenance, does not need to be sealed, and is scratch and heat resistant. As an engineered material, it contains a more uniform appearance than natural stone, but does retain some of the markings and variations normally found in quartz.


Different finishes can bring out the unique beauty in each material. Volusia Granite & Marble encourages its customers to take some time to learn more about the different types of finishes available, and consider what might look best with your project.


This glossy and smooth finish gives your stone, a beautiful, clean, classic appearance. Used mostly for counter tops and vanities, but also for floor and decorative tiles, this popular finish is make possible by grinding the stone with increasingly less abrasive grits, and finer grit polishes, until the stone’s crystal facets are uniformly flat across the surface


This surface is smooth with a low to limited sheen, and is not polished to a high gloss. Accordingly, although attractive, honed finishes require more routine maintenance than polished finishes to remove metal marks, fingerprints, and signs of daily use. Shade variations are also more obvious on honed finishes, particularly darker-colored slabs.


When softer parts of the stone are removed using a coarse brush to add texture and an antiqued look to the slab.


Artificially advancing the aging process can bring out the character and rustic beauty of a material. This finish is produced by using brushes or abrasives to add distressed textures to the slab.


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